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Natural Fabrics

Unitex 2000 offers a collection of natural textiles for high quality home furnishings with extremely refined taste, in a way that brings to mind the current trend of shabby-chic. Linen, cotton, wool… precious and lovably imperfect fibers, just as is their nature: this is the true beauty of the collection of natural fabrics, dedicatedly crafted without overshadowing any detail. Both the thread and fabric are dyed using nontoxic dyes to enhance their quality and the value of the fabric. A collection of natural fabrics designed following traditions, without forgetting the importance of offering products which are versatile in different settings and contexts and which are adaptable to different environments.

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Stain-resistant Fabrics

The result of constant and intense research, this collection of stain-resistant fabrics has been thought out by Unitex 2000 with the purpose to offer extremely practical and useful products, especially in terms of daily use and maintenance. All the stain-repellent fabrics by Unitex 2000 are tested in specialized professional textile laboratories, both concerning the performance of the stain removal, washability and hydrorepellence, as well as the European norms in non-toxic treatments. This allows us to lead into the market with products with a certified quality, in order to offer the best to those who trust us.

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As was true with the other collections, Unitex 2000 features a wide array of eco-leathers designed for home furnishings. From classic looks that recall hide and leather, to sharp textures with a vintage and metropolitan touch, all the collections in eco-leather present variegated coloring that are sought after in the nuances. Among the wide array of quality offered, Unitex 2000 also offers a series of articles in ecoleather with flame-resistant finishing and other products which are predominant in the nautical world.

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Elegance revisited in a contemporary key. When it comes to one of the trends most in vogue in the last few years, the collection of velvets in Unitex 2000 follows a decisively modern approach both in home furnishing and in the fashion world. Velvet in cotton, velvet in polyester, even printed velvet… all further embellished with bright, luminous and current colors, in a play of decisively elegant shades. As with all the articles proposed by Unitex 2000, the collections in velvet are also put to the most rigorous tests in laboratories before being commercialized and all products made with the latest generation of fibers allow for the easy removal of stains.

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Made in Italy

Unitex 2000 boasts a vast assortment of textiles entirely made in Italy, crafted with a number of fibers and yarns, which depends on the type of article (cotton, linen, polypropylene, etc.). One of the flagships of this category of products is represented by the collection created using polypropylene fibers, an innovative yarn completely made in Italy by specialized weavers. They begin with the polymers and create an extremely technological yarn through a complex process which is ahead of its time from an ecological point of view. The result of this process is “Collezione Vita”, an assortment of textiles in durable polypropylene fibers, which are easily cleaned, anti-mold and anti-bacteria, and are absolutely ideal for spaces with young children and babies.

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Pret à porter

Pret à Porter is the chicest collection with a sought-after esthetic, which is at times frivolous, but especially draws inspiration from the world of fashion. Signed Unitex 2000. Pret à Porter is an elegant collection that doesn’t ever give up the characteristics of practicality and durability, which dares both in terms of structure as well as tones, from the current trend of pastels to bolder, showier and louder colors; this collection is for those who feel like a touch of audaciousness and glamour, even in their own living room.