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About us

Unitex 2000 is an institution
in the world of home furnishing textiles
and has been present in Italy
for more than 40 years.

Located in the Province of Florence, the cradle of Italian art and culture, Unitex 2000 boasts a long tradition of textiles and fabrics with pride and is combined with a unique approach and particular attention to the future of its market. The textiles that Unitex 2000 offers are constantly kept up-to-date and always keep the latest trends in mind. This holds true in everything that pertains to colors and textures, as well, but above all there is a particular focus on new fibers and yarns, finishing and eco-sustainability. Each year, a young, dedicated, and highly-educated team select a wide range of fabrics that are in line with everything that the market demands:

numerous textile collections with hydro-repellent properties, as well as the latest anti-stain technologies, collections of velvets and natural fabrics revered for their timeless charm, but finished ad hoc for a more effective durability and convenience. They also select a range of fabrics that include the latest collections of green and eco sustainable fibers such as polypropylene, a yarn which is entirely made in Italy by expert hands, as well as by the multiple innovative characteristics of advancements in textile technology.

All the collections of home furnishing textiles that Unitex 2000 decides to utilize in its portfolio have been tested in professional textile laboratories, and conform with the company’s philosophy, that is, to be able to offer its clients products that are not only to the expected standard of excellence with regard to esthetic, but that also offer a tangible and certifiable quality.

"We are a family-owned company with proven experience in home furnishing textiles. Every day,
we strive to challenge ourselves with the goal to raise the standard of quality of our work,
keeping in mind our long tradition, but with an eye ever-looking forward, not only for our
company, but also for future generations."

Francesca e Duccio
Unitex 2000 srl